About Us

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SHAB ALUMINIUM NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1992 with Registration Number RC. 165128, as fabricators of aluminium building components for the construction industry. The company board of directors is made up of Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of chosen careers, and in their communities.

The company has over 100 permanent staff, casual workers, and a group of contractors selected to fit the company’s philosophy. The management of the company’s daily activities is managed by a team of experienced expatriates.

Over the years, we have provide outstanding service acquired through our enormous experience. SHAB ALUMINIUM NIGERIA LIMITED has made it a goal to stay ahead as the aluminium industry keeps evolving. Also by our investment in human, technical, machineries, and material resources to render single/sophisticated designs, fabrication/installation work as well as offer the industry with consultancy services.

Mission Statement

"Our goal is to provide a service that is based on integrity and aims to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and ethics, solidifying a long lasting relationship with our customers. In turn, creating loyal customers, and accelerating our leadership in the industries innovation and development"